Welcome Kits | Case Study

Client: Regional Financial Institution

Market: Financial


A regional financial institution had recently acquired a smaller bank, which meant adding branches and employees to their existing team. Over one intense weekend, staff would be trained and ready to re-open the bank Monday morning under a new name. Anticipation was high to make everything go as smoothly as possible and to warmly welcome the newest employees — relieving the stress and anxiety of the transition.


The customer was looking for fun and inviting, yet useful gifts they could give to their new employees as “Welcome Kits”. After brainstorming with the current team and defining their needs, American presented several options in an easy-to-read catalog made just for the customer, showing mock-ups of products with the bank’s logo. From there, the customer could easily decide which items and quantities they needed for the weekend merge and beyond!


Striving to build long-term loyalty and make new employees feel integral to the bank’s success, the “Welcome Kits” were an immediate hit! Packed inside a trendy heather tote were mood magnets, badge reels, hand sanitizer, pens, t-shirts and personalized mugs. Each new staff member felt important and excited to be a part of their new team!

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