ASB Partners with Center for Energy and Environment to Boost Headquarters Sustainability

American Solutions for Business has partnered with the Minnesota Center for Energy and Environment (CEE) on a project to reduce energy use and increase cost savings by twenty percent.

The LED Lighting Program facilitated by CEE allows ASB’s headquarters location to invest in new infrastructure that’s both eco-friendly and financially sustainable. In fact, the program is anticipated to pay for itself within 2-3 years.

“Being environmentally aware of what and how we run our business at American is an important initiative we continue to pursue. Reducing our energy usage has resulted in lower utility costs and reduction of labor and lamp costs – a huge win for both the environment and our company,” says Katie Hallstrom, ASB’s VP of Human Resources.

This is all through the Conservation Improvement Program (CIP), which is a statewide policy to incentivize implementing energy efficiency. These programs are offered by electric and natural gas utilities and by partners like CEE.

“By promoting cost-effective energy efficiency measures businesses and residents save energy, carbon is reduced, and all utility customers save money by avoiding building unnecessary and expensive power plants and transmission lines,” explains Jamie Fitzke, Manager of Program and Policy at CEE.

The organization is eager to continue their work in the community to help promote these programs.

“CEE simplifies the process of making an informed decision by being experts in the technology that saves the most energy but does not compromise the way you do your work,” describes Mike Verhulst, Lighting Consultant at CEE. “By understanding the needs of the clients and the positives and negatives of the different options, we can deliver the best option that is an unbiased, third-party opinion not dictated by product availability to any one contractor.”

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