ASB Introduces Cyber Safe Pledge™ to Industry

American Solutions for Business is now introducing a new Cyber Safe Pledge™ designed to help our company and our valued partners conduct business safely and securely with each other. While there are ten overall focus areas, the goals focus primarily on Identity Management: multi-factor authentication on systems that support MFA, Update & Security: Provide and require security awareness training for employees and contractors and Policies & Planning: disaster recovery and business continuity written plan and tested at least annually. Learn more here:

“We are seeing increasingly aggressive cybercriminal activity targeting our industries,” says Mike Pfeiffer, ASB’s VP of Technology, “American is leading a comprehensive, industry-wide approach to cybersecurity awareness, preparedness and response. We feel the Cyber Safe Pledge™ is a great step we can take with our partners in the right direction.”

Patriot-level vendors with ASB like Hit Promo, SanMar and Imagen Brands are already on board.

“We are grateful to work with such supportive vendor partners who understand the importance of this pledge,” says Dana Zezzo, ASB’s VP of Marketing, Vendor Relations & Events, “These early adopters help us establish necessary best practices that help keep not only our employees and sales associates protected, but our vendors, customers and other stakeholders safe as well.”

Companies within the print and promotional industry are encouraged to submit their pledge today:

To learn more about American Solutions for Business, visit

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