Education Spotlight: Make Your Giveaways Inspire Takeaways

The education industry is currently ranked #1 in promotional product spend, with approximately $2 billion in spending annually. In this industry, promotional products are used to boost school and student organization branding, prospect new students, show school spirit and offer appreciation to faculty, students and the community.


One of the largest collegiate events is back-to-school fairs that spotlight student organizations, athletics and campus events when welcoming the next class of students. Promotional products leave a lasting impression with the student, reminding them of the event and giving them something tangible to use for years to come.

Need ideas on what to give away at your next event? Wearable products serve as memorable giveaways and can include shirts, hats, backpacks, sunglasses, socks, scrunchies and more. These items are inexpensive but can be worn regularly throughout campus while promoting the school or organization logo. Other products ideas include: pens, lanyards, water bottles, umbrellas and technology items. These items are used daily on a college campus and will ensure your brand is front and center throughout the school.


Making conversation at an event is in the moment, but promotional product giveaways leave a footprint and are memorable for an extended period of time.

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