Healthcare Spotlight: Improving Patient Satisfaction for Better Care & Retention

In recent years, the landscape of the healthcare industry has been changing immensely, increasing competition between facilities to attract and retain patients. Better communication, safety precautions and higher patient satisfaction are becoming a top priority in all facilities, from large hospital systems to one-physician offices. In the past several years, the government has also played a part in making patient satisfaction top of mind by increasing the reimbursement a facility receives based on their patient satisfaction scores.


This shift in the industry has caused healthcare facilities to implement procedures to collect patient feedback on their recent healthcare visits. These survey solutions have proven to be an integral part of patient retention and American Solutions for Business has multiple patient survey solutions designed to assist healthcare facilities in reaching their patient satisfaction and retention goals.

One solution includes an on-site, live survey designed to catch feedback while the patient is still in the facility. Delivered via mobile phone or tablet, users are asked to answer a short survey to rate their experience. Feedback is analyzed and available to the facility immediately and issues can be caught right away, oftentimes while the patient is still in the facility. This leads to quick conflict resolution, leaving the patient more likely to return.

Another solution includes surveys designed specifically for hospitals, clinics, physical therapy, outpatient experiences and more. These surveys, which are HIPAA compliant and approved by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, provide multiple modes of data collection including mail, email, text and tablet depending on the survey type. This solution allows for easy implementing, reporting, analyzing and tracking of the patient satisfaction data utilizing an interactive dashboard, resulting in improved patient care and retention.

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