National Financial Literacy Month | What’s in it for you?

If you’re not already aware, National Financial Literacy Month is coming up in April when banks and credit unions across the country highlight the importance of establishing and maintaining healthy financial habits.

Understanding basic financial concepts allows people to know how to navigate in the financial system. And those with appropriate financial literacy training make better financial decisions and manage money better than those without such training. In addition, educational programs provide guidance and advice in a no-pressure environment.

Clearly, banks and credit unions that reach out to the community through school-based events or adult education classes are building long-term relationships with new and current customers and members. In addition, while providing these programs and benefits to the community, the teams at those institutions naturally improve their face-to-face communication skills, better their understanding of stakeholders’ needs, and further their own knowledge.

As you work on your particular program, you can rely on American Solutions for Business to have what your bank or credit union needs to educate customers and members on smart spending and saving habits. From piggy banks to books on budgeting, from flyers to e-blasts, ASB can help you find the right pieces that fit your program and needs. Click Here for a few ideas.

But you want a no-pressure experience, too, right? That’s what ASB is all about. We’re here to answer your questions, sort through what you need to achieve your goals and help you find solutions. No pressure. No gimmicks.

With thousands of industry experts in our network, we can offer you options you may not even know are available. With all that knowledge and resource, we will also help you stay a step ahead of your competition.

So what questions do you hear most from your customers and members? What do you think they need or want to learn about handling finances? Give us your insight here and also see what others are saying: Click Here. 

If you’re ready to kick off your own efforts for Financial Literacy Month, email, call or click and let’s start the conversation. Our solutions are fully customizable, and our team is excited to help.

Attack your expenses. Simplify your processes. Build your brand.

Schedule an online meeting.

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