Automotive Marketing: The American Approach

American Solutions for Business is known for its customer-centric philosophy and the Automotive vertical market is no exception. Most of the sales associates serving automotive customers have been doing so for several years – even decades. They understand the challenges and opportunities unique to the market. Those new to the market are supported by peers in the field as well as a dedicated home office team that assists in creating the best relationship and experience for each of our customers.

For nearly 20 years, American has been serving Automotive customers of different sizes. American’s business model values relationships and our sales associates provide personal, focused service to assist customers in achieving their goals and objectives. Our mission is to provide our customers with the correct solution for each challenge or opportunity they face to maximize results. Due to our vast offering, there is nearly no limit to what we can assist the customer in accomplishing,” says Jason Gange, Director of Automotive Sales at the American Home Office. “That being said, we don’t want to just offer solutions for the sake of offering them; they must be practical, timely and relevant to the customer.”

American sales associates visit their dealership customers regularly to ensure that the customer has enough of the daily supplies they need to continue smooth operations and to inquire about new initiatives the dealership is implementing or challenges they are facing. Regular face-to-face meetings ensure the sales associate understands the business and can be a helpful consultant in reaching their goals. “We never take a ‘one size fits all’ approach to our solutions because each of our customers operates in a unique manner. We have experience working with single-location dealerships and large, multi-location groups and we take the lessons learned from each to continue to help our customers succeed,” Jason continues.

pexels-photo-139387.jpegWhile sales associates assist their customers with different solutions and programs, the Home Office support team follows market trends and industry initiatives to ensure we have the solutions our customers need. This team follows multiple Automotive publications to understand some of the challenges the industry faces and regularly assist sales associates in individual opportunities to help a customer by providing recommendations, references, and supporting materials. “Our ability to assist sales associates on a daily basis comes from the collaborative environment that American fosters. Our sales associates share challenges and successes with us that we then can utilize to educate others who may be assisting a customer with a similar situation,” says Christine Fischer, Automotive Program Coordinator for the Home Office Automotive support team.

pexels-photo-1179804American’s consultative approach makes the sales associate an extension of the dealership’s staff. Beyond ensuring the customer is offered the best solution, associates strive to deliver the best pricing and most convenient methods. Whether the customer needs products warehoused, an online purchasing portal or a better way to monitor spending, we can tailor a program to fit perfectly. We have the ability and the drive to be not only your supplier, but a valued partner in the automotive industry.

To learn more about American Solutions for Business, visit our website.

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