Financial Literacy: Ongoing Learning & Resources

In many parts of the country, the school year is just winding down as we get into May and June. While classes may take a hiatus, financial education remains in full swing at American. We want to remind everyone that educating (or reeducating) yourself is a 24/7 job. The best part – we are here to help!

No matter our age, experience or title, we could all brush up on basic tips – like what to do about retirement funds (seriously, start saving sooner than later!).

You can rely on American Solutions for Business to have what banks and credit unions need to educate customers and members on smart spending and saving habits. From coloring books which teach a child to count coins to investment tips for long-term goals, American can help you find the right pieces that fit your campaign and needs. Click Here for a few ideas.


With American’s technology, print collateral, promotional products, money handling supplies and more, we help our customers build community relationships by assisting with school-based programs or adult education classes. This outreach fills a need for those seeking guidance and advice – and even opens some doors to those in lower income brackets. In fact, the federal government felt so strongly about supporting the financial health of each institution’s membership, the Community Reinvestment Act was created in 1977 which:

  • Prohibits denying or increasing the cost of banking to residents of racially defined neighborhoods, and
  • Encourages efforts to meet the credit needs of all community members, including residents of low- and moderate-income neighborhoods.

The U.S. Department of Treasury regularly audits institutions on these efforts, ensuring compliance and new outreach opportunities. And although an evaluation can be nerve-wracking, ASB’s Financial Markets Team can help with an assessment of current activities, creation of a marketing plan, and regular progress updates and reporting – all formulated to generate more leads and happy customers!

Our American Financial Market Solutions Team serves the specific needs of financial institutions – from money handling supplies to online strategies of customer acquisition and retention. Our total program solution can provide significant savings on non-interest expenses like marketing, materials management and distribution, resulting in cost center accountability and overall budget maintenance, freeing up funds to help with your specific strategic goals. Find out more at

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