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American Solutions for Business is a top-rated supplier of print and promotional materials, and we offer laser focus on your specific needs with our dedicated vertical market teams. Our automotive team has been providing a cost-effective, one-stop-shop to dealerships and other businesses in the automotive industry for nearly 20 years to customers across the country. Our sales associates are knowledgeable in the world of print and promo and through many years of experience are tuned in to the unique needs of the automotive industry.

From packaged goods like key tags and dispatch numbers to custom products such as license plate inserts, printed materials, direct mail and apparel, American helps dealerships operate their daily business and reach their target market with effective, consistent messages, all while providing significant savings. By facilitating an environment of collaboration and problem solving, we have developed partnerships with over 5,000 automotive customers and counting. These partnerships are built on the tenants of customer service, product quality and cost-effective solutions.

With the recent downward trend in new car sales forecasted to continue, our team has looked for ways to diversify our offering and move towards becoming a revenue-generating partner for the dealership. “We’re looking for new solutions that allow us to help dealerships generate more gross with each vehicle sale by adding unique solutions to our vast product offering,” says Jason Gange, Director of Automotive Sales at American. “This initiative has lead to new offerings for the Finance & Insurance Department at dealerships and has elevated American to become a revenue-generating partner for the dealerships we serve.”

Those products include an Appearance Protection program, Identity Theft Protection program and other timely, attractive products that enhance the dealership’s F&I product offering for their customers and increase vehicle gross. “It’s really exciting to have the opportunity to provide significant savings to dealerships on products they need to operate and promote their business, but to also offer solutions that help dealerships recapture some of the lost revenue due to decreased vehicle sales nationally,” Jason continues. Our automotive specialists have established initiatives to add more revenue-generating solutions to the product offering throughout 2018 and beyond. “This initiative will help to strengthen the relationship with our customers and help associates develop new relationships as well.”

In addition to new revenue generating solutions, we are also promoting the utilization of our ACES eCommerce platform as a budget control solution for dealerships. “There are so many features and tools available to help dealerships control spending, forecast budgets and keep branding consistent, it is a great enhancement to the personalized customer service that dealerships receive from our sales associates.”


American is your one-stop-shop for cost-effective solutions and revenue generating programs. You can preview our automotive eCommerce platform and diverse product offering by visiting To connect with your local American sales associate, click here!

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