Family Matters – Jim George & Stephanie Busby

American Solutions for Business has always been a family-oriented company with many family teams consisting of parents, children, spouses and siblings. We celebrate every sales team because we know the strength that comes with these dynamics. Families work as a unit and share valuable knowledge to take care of our customers.

Jim George and Stephanie Busby are a father/daughter sales team from Birmingham, Alabama and have been with American for over 5 years.


Why you love working with your family:

Jim: I love working with family because it keeps us in close contact with one another with so much in common.

Stephanie: My Dad has always been my best friend. He has always been the person that I go to…to talk about anything…as long as I can remember. So working with him & discussing work stuff just comes easy.

Growing up – Stephanie and her sister with their parents

What are some challenges (and how have you overcome them)?

Jim: Some challenges would be the different ways we call on customers. I have more of a laid-back approach and Stephanie has more of an assertive approach. I think we balance each other out.

Well – he says I act too eager with customers and I think he needs to be more assertive and let the customers know we want the business. So, we have learned to balance each other out. Technology differences have been challenging. “Right Click… Dad… Right Click!” He has come a long way though. It is fun that he still has such a “shock factor” with the iPhone. He says…”Isn’t this just amazing  that I was able to send a proof from this phone??!”

What is your fondest memory working with your family?

Jim: Fondest memories would be when we tease each other on who sold the most.

Stephanie: Dad says he brought me into the business to help him out – but instead he ended up being my assistant. I talk him into making deliveries for me often. I will use my kids as an excuse & he falls for it every time…haha! He also makes me feel good when I land a new customer or a big job.

Why should others consider working with their family?

Jim: You should consider working with family so your “ legacy” with your customers will live on after you. I have had some customers for over 40 years. We are fortunate to work with a company that encourages family business and that shows everyone love. The hugs that you get from Larry are the same no matter who you are or how much you sell.

Stephanie: Because you can share your generational strengths & be a strong team. My Dad has worked hard in this industry for 45 years. He has had some of the same customers that long. He loves the idea that his family will continue to service & take care of his customers/business for years to come.

The whole family – Stephanie with husband & children, sister & family and Jim

We’re proud to maintain a company culture that cultivates success and collaboration to support our sales associates and customers. To learn more about American Solutions for Business, visit our website or contact a sales associate near you!

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