Checking the Pulse on Healthcare Print Solutions

Whether you’ve been involved in the print and promotional products industry as a supplier, distributor, or customer, you’ve probably been in a conversation regarding the decline in print over the past decade. One industry in which we often hear this referred to is in healthcare, especially with many systems and facilities switching over to electronic medical records. While this may be the popular belief, studies have shown that there is still significant print being utilized in healthcare facilities.

A study by InfoTrends indicates that healthcare facilities expect 38 percent of communication spend to come from printed materials, a higher percentage than online/web materials, video, audio, events, and mobile communication. The same study by InfoTrends found that an average of 35% of a healthcare facilities’ print is ordered over the internet, with expected annual growth of 15%.

With many facilities re-evaluating their print programs and switching traditional print to digital print, now is a great time to understand that resources and technology tools available in the market to enhance productivity, effectiveness, and efficiency. By creating an online portal to house all print on demand and inventoried items, facilities can ensure that brand standards are controlled, applicable approvals are in place, and time spent ordering items is minimized.

Working with American Solutions for Business makes creating an efficient and effective print program easy. To learn more about print and promotional product programs and our eCommerce system, reach out to your American sales associate or find one near you!

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