Promoting Non-Profits – ASB Supports Thumbs Up 5K

In 2012, our account manager from Cambridge, MN, Jake Forslund, met Katie Shatusky. She was his contact at another company he was consulting, and when she left to found her own non-profit organization, Jake was there to help every step of the way. After struggling with her own mental health, Katie co-founded the Thumbs Up 5K Run for Mental Health Awareness with friend and business partner, Jessica Hackenmueller.

“Even when I worked with Katie at her previous job, it seemed like something was bothering her,” Jake explains. “I just wanted to see her succeed with Thumbs Up. I tried to keep her morale up and offer my perspective after building up my own business. We’re both entrepreneurs.”

Over the years, Jake has donated his design time, printed pieces and has helped provide creative solutions in promotional products and marketing strategy for Thumbs Up. Items include apparel, banners, signs, wristbands, pins and other products to help spread the message. Last year, he decided to join their committee and helped organize and work the 5K event.

Photo: Thumbs Up 5k; Jake helped create a campaign called “Buy Someone a Smile Today” to promote the cause. He got the idea from one of our supply chain partners, who sent him a similar item. He modified it to fit this project and added signage and an acrylic box to transform it into a point-of-sale piece.
Thumbs Up Sweatshirt.png
Photo: Thumbs Up 5k; Branded sweatshirt and drawstring bag for participants
Thumbs Up Sweatbands and laces
Photo: Thumbs Up 5k; Embroidered sweatband and decorated shoe laces

“I am really proud of what the Thumbs Up organization has accomplished. These smile pins really can make someone’s day, but this group keeps working hard to make someone’s week, month, year, decade, and most importantly the chance to catch those at a difficult crossroads in life…it’s these moments where someone needs every glimmer of hope and light they can get. It might be a button, a cheer bag, or even a scholarship for the mental health field – but the conversations they create can mean the world to someone.” -Jake Forslund, ASB Account Manager

Thumbs Up 2.jpg
Photo: Thumbs Up 5k

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