American Solutions for Business – We’re Owners!


American Solutions for Business continues to celebrate our 100% employee ownership structure. Here are three more employee-owners who are achieving their goals with the freedom that ownership provides!

Greg Guyette – I have been an employee-owner at American Solutions for Business for three years. Having the independence and autonomy afforded to the American team, and yet the support of literally hundreds of owners around me, allows me to focus my book of business on the types of projects where I can add the greatest value for my clients, and to call on my co-owner/employees to step-in and help out where their expertise is stronger than mine. We are all pulling in the same direction, with a common goal of delivering the smartest solutions to our clients in a manner that is profitable for ourselves and for our business. I spent twenty years in corporate America, working with thought leaders in my industry. And while that was a great training ground for me, it did not afford me the freedom to run my business, my way.  We were part of a larger machine and often lacked the context of how our contributions were fueling the bigger engine. At American, every contribution is meaningful, and we see the immediate gratification of our hard work every day.

Cathy Armando – After teaching and working with children for nearly 15 years, I was strongly encouraged by Sarah to join American 5 years ago and I could not be happier.  To me, employee ownership means that I can make the decisions that are needed to grow my business and take things to the next level. It gives me the motivation to be 100% invested in the company and the ability to have a say in the direction ASB moves into in the future. As an employee owner with American I am in an position where I am able to exchange expertise with other like-minded employee owners that are just as invested in this company. It truly is an amazing thing to be “Powered by American”!

Sarah Thomas – I have been with American for nearly 12 years!  Starting my career as a sales support assistant and moving my way around and through ASB has been an awesome experience.  I have loved getting to know so many of our sales associates around the country and I really enjoy seeing how everyone runs their businesses, who they sell to, how they sell etc.  Working for American and embracing employee ownership gives us the ability to really create our own destiny but we aren’t on our own.  Through regular meetings over the course of the year and other communication channels, we are able to lean on our colleagues around the country to help us make the right decisions to move our business forward.

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