I’m An Owner: American Solutions for Business

Since 2001, American Solutions for Business has been an employee-owned company. This means that hundreds of our employees benefit from working for an organization that values its employee owners and helps them reach their personal and professional goals. Here’s what some of our owners have to say:

Greg Nelson 
Hey! My name is Greg and have been part of the American family for 5 years. Located in our Home Office in Glenwood, MN, I specialize in implementation and acquisitions of sales groups/companies to ASB.

As a lifelong resident of Glenwood, I always knew about American and witnessed the fantastic community support this company gave to Glenwood. I began my professional career in purchasing for a large manufacturer and eventually found my opportunity with American. With a perfect balance of professionalism, business integrity, fun and flexibility, ASB provides the ultimate career culture!

It is with great honor and pride to be a part of a company where I can call myself an “Owner!” Everything I do, every day, is in a vested interest to American, myself and my family.

Alyssa Sullivan
Hi, I’m Alyssa and I’ve been a home office team member in Glenwood for a year and a half. Before coming to American, I worked in the medical field and decided I needed a change. One of my favorite things about working at American is the culture that we have here. It’s flexible, caring and supportive. My family is important to me, and American always encourages me to find the perfect work/life balance that’s just right for me.

Leo Reyes
Hello!  My name is Leo and I’ve been a member of the Home Office team in Glenwood for almost five years now.  I work from home and currently reside in Southern California.  I have worked as a computer programmer ever since I completed my Computer Science degree in college.  Since then I’ve always been looking for more and more challenging work.  That’s one of the reasons I joined ASB.

Along the way, I discovered the culture of this company is warm and caring to their employees.  Being far away from my family who happens to be on the other side of this world, I also consider American as my family.

I’m very proud to represent ASB and I will continue to face any work-related challenges to come.

Stan Klarenbeek
Hi, I’m Stan – I’ve been part of the American family since November 2016 and direct the growth of our Financial vertical market from Des Moines, IA. American Solutions for Business represents well the ideals and dreams we all have as Americans—that we all have the freedom and opportunity to pursue success and get our ‘piece of the rock’. I’m so very proud to be a part of ASB.   Stan

Stephanie Hall
Hey everyone, I’m Stephanie Hall and I’ve been a member of the Home Office team since 2002! Prior to ASB, I was in the healthcare field and ready for a change. At first, I was just looking for a job that I didn’t have to work weekends or holidays, and in no time, I fell in love with the people and the American values!

The advancements within is why I was drawn to American. I started out in Accounts Payable, and within two years I moved to Product Support. While in Product Support, I was able to dabble in more areas of ASB, such as promotional hard goods, apparel, vendor relationships, Sales Associates and much more. At this time, the JIT program was just starting and I immediately (and excitedly) became the JIT Coordinator! Now, almost 15 years later, I’m as happy as can be in the SOS Department, helping our Sales Associates set up ACES catalogs and I still oversee JIT!

I’m very fortunate to work with such a great crew and I look forward to coming into the office every day. I could go on and on about the great things American offers, but the biggest value for me is the balance of work and family.Color_Corrected_I'm_An_Owner_Steph_H

We’re so proud to share stories of our employee-owners! Keep an eye out for more to come!

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