Direct Mail – Success Story



Our customer was looking for a way to increase daily sales and brand awareness for all 750 locations across the country. They were looking for an easy solution that would allow each store to create customized promotions with their own location and schedule for their offering.

Solution_T.png SOLUTION

We worked with our customer and created a fully-integrated direct mail program. We created an ACES eCommerce site that allowed each franchise location to log in and customize their own postcards with their location and special offers/coupons utilizing the USPS EDDM mail program. This feature allowed each location to easily plan and schedule their EDDM route and track their redemptions using their existing
POS system.

Success_T.png SUCCESS

Success! Stores that participated in the program had a coupon redemption rate of 9% – 12%. This increased the stores’ daily sales and has proven to be a great return on investment. We continue to expand their ACES eCommerce site to offer even more solutions for their franchise locations, helping them be even more successful!

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