Family Owned Inn – Success Story


CLIENT: Family Owned Inn

MARKET: Hospitality

SITUATION: Our customer wanted to find a unique way to keep in touch with their guests. Their desire was to become more than just another hotel option, they wanted to be memorable and retain customers.

SOLUTION: American came up with a unique promotional campaign that helped the hotel interact with their guests in a creative way. At the edge of every bathtub, overnight guests were greeted by a small, branded rubber duck. Guests were encouraged to tuck these ducks into suitcases, backpacks, diaper bags and purses to start the migration to places near and far. Postcards were placed next to the ducks educating their guests on the “adoption” process. The inn encouraged people to email stories and pictures of their duck’s adventures after leaving the inn.

SUCCESS: Small customer, big splash! Not only was the hotel able to keep in touch with their guests after their stay via email, but they were able to create brand advocates that were sure to return. Past and potential guests enjoy viewing the duck migration on the hotel’s website. The campaign has been a huge success, from continued communication with past guests to creating the awareness needed to interest future guests. More than 25,000 ducks are currently in “migration.”

AMERICAN SOLUTIONS: Promotional Products, Print & Document Solutions and
Marketing Solutions

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