Dynamic Automotive Displays

As a provider of automotive dealership solutions, we are always looking for new and innovative ways to help our dealership customers run successful, efficient operations. Our dedicated representatives follow the auto industry closely to keep up on the latest news, trends, and initiatives so that we can continue to be valued consultative partners for our customers.

Many dealerships across the nation have upgraded their facilities to comply with manufacturer image programs, modernize their appearance, and offer their customers greater service and experience. With those core initiatives in mind, we at American have developed the Modular Automotive Display System to provide a dynamic, cost-effective solution for displaying automotive goods within the dealership.

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These display units have been designed to fit each dealership’s individual needs and availability of space. Comprised of two styles, the Focal Module and Secondary Module, these modular display systems can be assembled in varying configurations to create an inviting retail environment. The modules can be branded with the manufacturer logo, dealership logo, or both to strengthen your branding efforts. The LED edge lit shelves can be set to match nearly any brand color. These modular displays can be used for logoed apparel, drinkware, automotive goods, collectibles and aftermarket accessories.

To learn more about the Modular Automotive Display System, contact your ASB representative. To find your local representative, click here. To receive regular updates from American Automotive, click here.

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