National Tire Manufacturer – Success Story


CLIENT: National Tire Manufacturer

MARKET: Manufacturing

SITUATION: Our customer was struggling to manage their greeting card ordering.
Different business units throughout the country were ordering cards from multiple sources and using inconsistent logo artwork, which was compromising their brand identity. They had no control over the ordering or the end result. The customer needed a single source solution to encompass all of their greeting card needs.

SOLUTION: American helped the tire manufacturer develop several greeting card designs that were tailored to all of their business units, while representing the company in a consistent manner. We also helped them manage the ordering of these cards by developing an eStore that was linked to their intranet. Users could conveniently order as few as 50 to more than 1,000 cards and envelopes. An added bonus-there was NO inventory to worry about! Each order was printed on demand. Users were able to access the site, select their business unit name and location, select an approved logo that represented their business unit and proof their card(s) online prior to checking out.

SUCCESS: From chaos to convenience! Not only were we able to help the customer consolidate all of their greeting card orders into one convenient location, but we were able to give them the assurance that their customers were receiving a high quality, brand
consistent greeting.

AMERICAN SOLUTIONS: Print & Document Solutions, eCommerce Solutions and Marketing Solutions

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