Connecting With Your Future Customers

At American, we offer countless solutions to help your dealership connect with existing customers and potential customers. Many dealerships are currently focused on marketing to the Millennial generation as they begin to make up a majority of new car buyers. Each generation has unique purchasing, decision making, and buying habits and dealerships work hard to match their marketing efforts to their customers. Because we’re so focused on the present day market, we may be overlooking a prime opportunity to connect with our customers of the future: the children today’s customers.


Purchasing a new vehicle or having service repairs performed can be a challenge when you have young children. Oftentimes, busy parents bring their children along to complete their errands. Some dealerships anticipate this by adding a small play area to the customer waiting area. While toy cars and dolls are great for keeping kids entertained so parents can focus on the task at hand, they lack true engagement.

Promotional Products
There are many promotional items that are perfect for children, such as Frisbees, balls, key chains, glow sticks, playing cards, and backpacks. With all the daily family-centered activities and school sporting events, your marketing message can be seen by potential customers of all ages.

An automotive themed coloring book is a great place to start and  helpful when your customer prefers their children stay at your desk with them. If your customer is having trouble choosing which paint color they prefer, suggest junior decides with his color crayons and color book.

Engage and Educate
You can include your customer’s children in the buying decision by developing a scavenger hunt centered around the different features your customer is looking for in their new vehicle. Create a checklist for the child to be in charge of. When you describe features to your customer, their child can check those features off the list. This will not only involve them in the process, but it also teaches them about car buying and what to look for in a vehicle.

At American Solutions for Business, we have an enormous variety of promotional products and ideas to help you connect with your customers of the future, today! Talk to your ASB representative about getting started. Click here to find your local ASB associate.

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