Large Bank & Trust – Success Story


CLIENT: Large Bank & Trust

MARKET: Financial

SITUATION: Our customer was struggling to manage their company catalog and 200+ items of customer-owned inventory. With over 20 branches and even more cost centers, their current inventory management was wasting time and was difficult to manage. They needed to simplify their ordering process, inventory reports and billing.

SOLUTION: American created an eStore solution that would help manage their inventory and eliminate multiple invoices by utilizing monthly summary billing. Our customer’s accounting department was able to access and sort reports by cost center and product type, which helped increase efficiency. We were also able to expand their offerings beyond customer-owned inventory to include JIT wearables and promotional items.

SUCCESS: From insane inventory to eStore ease! Not only were we able to simplify their inventory and billing, but we were able to help create a one-stop solution whose offerings continue to expand. What started out as a 200+ item catalog has now become an all-encompassing eStore with time-saving solutions and over 1,000 items. The branches are now able to access inventory, JIT wearables, promotional items and commercial printing solutions from one convenient location…their computer.

AMERICAN SOLUTIONS: Promotional Products, Print & Document Solutions and
eCommerce Solutions

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