Fundraising in the Field

When they aren’t working at American, sales associate, Cathy Armando and Director of Vertical Markets, Sarah Thomas spend time with their softball team in Dallas, Texas.  Their team, the Titans, have enjoyed four seasons as a team in the Dallas Pegasus Slow Pitch Softball Association. They have not won every game, but they have won where it counts – giving back to the community!


Each year, the Titans have pledged to give back to the community – not just during the softball season, but year round. Whether it’s money out of their own pockets or dollars raised through fundraising, the Titans Softball Team has contributed to several organizations in the community.  Out of the 37 teams in the softball league, the Titans are the only team that gives 100% of funds raised through fundraising directly to one of their community service events and back into the community.

Over the last 4 years, the Titans community giving has increased over 100% – from $1,400 in 2012 to $14,235 in 2015 -with a four-year total of $23,185.  The team goal for 2016 is $20,000 in donations back to the community.

sarah 6

We’re proud of our American employees, Cathy and Sarah, for serving their community & helping those in need! 

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