8 Perfect Parade Promotions

Is your signature pick-up pulling the County Princess float this year? Perhaps a local candidate will be riding in style in the finest convertible from your lot. Parade season is a great time for dealerships to showcase their best inventory, and American has the perfect parade promotions to bring awareness to your dealership! Hand Fans -... Continue Reading →

Connecting With Your Future Customers

At American, we offer countless solutions to help your dealership connect with existing customers and potential customers. Many dealerships are currently focused on marketing to the Millennial generation as they begin to make up a majority of new car buyers. Each generation has unique purchasing, decision making, and buying habits and dealerships work hard to... Continue Reading →

Building a ‘VIP’ Customer Loyalty Program

Customer loyalty is vital in the automotive industry, but many businesses underestimate the importance of recognizing the value of these customers. Loyalty usually starts with the auto manufacturer - (we all know at least one diehard Ford, Chevy, or Dodge driver!), but what about the customers loyal to your dealership? Some are loyal because of the relationship they... Continue Reading →

Drive Brand Recognition Using Retail Strategy

A recent article in 'Fixed Ops Journal' from Automotive News by Larry P. Vellequette entitled "Gimme a Brake Rotor and a Snickers Bar", highlighting the migration of dealership parts departments to a more retail atmosphere. Vellequette describes the concept and implementation process Brighton Ford followed when deciding to add a convenience store to their parts department, resulting in about... Continue Reading →

Hang Up Your Service Marketing Strategy

Since the dawn of the auto industry, engine service centers have been developing new strategies for marketing themselves. Many try to accomplish this direct mail and email marketing. This results in the following response rates: Direct Mail Geo-targeted lists: 0.5% - 1.5%  Existing customer lists: 15% - 20% Email Marketing Open rate: 20%  Click thru: 7% Conversion rate: 2%... Continue Reading →

The Freshest Promo of 2016

American Automotive recently attended one of the top promo shows in the nation in Orlando, FL. Out of all the fun and innovative new items featured, we're highlighting our top pick for 2016-the Car Air Purifier! Why we love it: New technology promos are always fun, but the Car Air Purifier also comes with added... Continue Reading →

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