ASB Raises money for Pope County Veterans

American Solutions for Business raised $500 for the Pope County Veterans Services in Glenwood, MN through an online fundraiser. The money raised will be used towards rides for vets to get to their appointments. The Pope County Veterans Service has highly trained professional advocates for Veterans and their families. They collaborate with the United States... Continue Reading →

Family Matters | Harman Family

At American Solutions for Business, we are so proud to showcase the connections made through the familial bonds of our employees. This month's feature is the Harman family, a family that exemplifies the American spirit by including the third generation of Harmans in the American salesforce. Husband and wife, Jill and Jay, and daughter Sydney,... Continue Reading →


SITUATION: A hospital's critical care rehabilitation division was having a difficult time with an effective, on-brand, cohesive buy-in program to recognize their employees. These types of hospitals were high-stress as the majority of their patients were senior and long-term. Keeping staff motivated and recognized is key. Since there were over 100 hospitals in this division,... Continue Reading →

American Solutions for Business raises funds for local kindergarten classes

American Solutions for Business, alongside their Stewardship Committee, raised funds for local kindergarten classes in Glenwood, MN. The Stewardship Committee at American promotes their culture and fosters fellowship among employees while directing events, activities, and fundraisers to benefit the communities in which they live and the causes to which they are dedicated. The group focuses... Continue Reading →

Digital Marketing | Case Study

Situation: A real estate agent sent out direct mail to 1,500 homeowners to inform themwhat sales were in the area, events happening in the neighborhood and featured homes for sale. Unable to track or gather leads from the mailings, he reached outto American for a solution. Solution: Enhanced digital mail was enabled. This synchronized the... Continue Reading →

Fall Fundraisers and the Branding Behind Them

Fall means several things for schools. For many it’s getting students back into routines, introducing new faculty, and making sure everyone stays safe. However, autumn is traditionally the time for school fundraisers. From physical activities, to fine arts, American Solutions for Business will help you promote and increase your fundraising efforts. School Functions When student... Continue Reading →

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